She adores sweet something and you may offers some of her daughter’s twisted tendencies if you don’t to a higher degree

She adores sweet something and you may offers some of her daughter’s twisted tendencies if you don’t to a higher degree

Rentarou’s 6th girlfriend and you may Hakari’s mommy. She provided delivery to Hakari whenever she try 13, because of with dropped crazy about good terminally ill fellow scholar. Comprehending that the guy did not have enough time to call home, she had herself forcibly inseminated along with his cum so they really might possibly be children before he died. Initially, she disapproved out of Hakari’s reference to Rentarou, believing that he had been one or two-time their unique daughter having four most other girls, but changed their mind whenever she fell deeply in love with Rentarou herself, going in terms of buying the school and you will become new chairwoman so you can stand next to him. She can even be overbearingly affectionate so you can Rentarou with his girlfriends, usually seeking function as the mommy shape to them the. Their offered name is an excellent pun for the Japanese phrase to have mommy, haha (?).

Haraga Kurumi [ ]

Rentarou’s seventh girlfriend. Kurumi was a heart-schooler having a really high k-calorie burning, that triggers their unique to locate hungry quickly – also reading a word one tunes exactly like a specific style of of dinner may cause their particular to desire you to dining. As a result, she always wears headphones and has now her bonnet up manageable to block out as much dinner-relevant chat as you are able to. This lady has a couple of characters, based even in the event she is eager. Whenever she’s got taken, the woman is a very kind and you can sweet-natured individual, however when she actually is starving, she’s small-tempered and you can sudden – unfortuitously, because of getting close usually eager, she’s close usually brief-tempered. Her offered identity setting “walnut”, a well known fact with brought about their particular dining obsession to produce very a couple of times off reading her own name you to nuts are now actually usually the one restaurants she does not such as for example.

Meido Mei [ ]

Rentarou’s 8th girlfriend. Mei ‘s the Hanazono family unit members maid having been receive of the Hahari immediately after she is mistreated and you may abandoned of the their own biological mothers. She is most devoted to Hahari and certainly will do any demand created by Hahari without a doubt, regardless of how ridiculous. Actually, she becomes suicidal if she does not match the task, have a tendency to causing Hahari being required to rescind the transaction to stop their particular. Their own really hitting physical feature is her rainbow colored irises and this usually are maybe not recognized as she typically has actually their attention signed, (often requiring a world shocking disclosure) though this won’t prevent their from operating or piloting an excellent helicopter. Their unique friends name is an excellent pun with the phrase “Maid”.

Sutou Iku [ ]

Rentarou’s ninth girlfriend. Iku ‘s the past leftover member of the school baseball people while the other users erica. This woman is masochistic, enjoying overworking herself to fatigue and you can if you don’t getting averagely hurt. Also becoming “heartbroken” by the Rentarou explanations their unique higher fulfillment, though she will get a legitimate girlfriend having Rentarou. An advantage facts on the fifth regularity implies that her masochism first started when she establish a love of basketball in the a young years. 1st she found practicing too difficult or painful, however, shortly after a boosting pep speak from their particular elderly sibling, she chose to stay with it KambodЕѕalainen kuuma seksikГ¤s tytГ¶t. not, because she was actually told you to she had to keep seeking regardless if it harm, she found consider serious pain a very important thing. Their unique title from the Japanese naming order function “stoic”.

Utsukushisugi Mimimi [ ]

Rentarou’s 10th girlfriend. Mimimi try a good girl that is obsessed with charm, it is conscious beauty usually do not simply be ordered, and you may takes into account internal charm just as very important since the outside beauty. As a result, she leaves numerous performs for the and make herself breathtaking, generating her own currency, reducing can cost you irrespective of where she will, carrying out face programs, and you will exercises by herself elocution. She 1st takes into account Nano their particular competition for the beauty, apparently because of Nano that have defeated their in their junior high school charm contest. It’s later revealed that their own hatred in reality stems from Nano that have snubbed their own pursuing the contest, and she chooses to assist bygones feel bygones when Nano apologises so you can their particular, even in the event she insists towards keeping a friendly competition. Their unique name comes with the kanji to have charm (?) three times together with her given title virtually meaning “extremely stunning”.

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